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2016 Registration is Open

Players welcome to the Tri County Soccer League 2016 Spring Summer Season!  The "login" to get into your player account is in the upper right corner. 

All returning players. Please do not request to join your team again. 

Be sure you are in the correct age division registration link

Login to verify your registration player profile is complete; check off waiver, payment, if new to an age division E-mail Michelle your proof of age verification, verify your head shot picture has no sunglasses or hat.

Secondary team registration: Review instructions above before proceeding.

Players thank you for doing your part in making sure your registration is complete.

Good luck and have a fun safe 2016 season.

First Time New Player to Tri County Soccer League, go to www.tricountysoccerleague.com to contact us about joining a team.

: Due to Insurance Liability; a player cannot step foot on the field of play for a League sanctioned game without a valid authorized ISSA issued hard plastic copy player pass, or League approved ISSA pdf paper pass.  Before the start of the Spring season, each team manager will receive one bulk mailing of all paid fully registered players passes before the first game.  Players: To ensure your hard plastic player pass is in the first team mailing before the first game. Please register well before March 28th.

During the season registrations:

1. Welcome to our NEW ISSA registrar Michelle Sepede. Please be sure you have reviewed all registration related information to help overall.

2. Hard plastic Player Passes will be immediately mailed out to the team manager after he notifies ISSA of a new registration, and the ISSA verifies the new registration is complete.

3. Team Managers will E-mail the League age division director for verification and approval to use a paper pdf pass for one week.

4. The League Age division Director will notify the game referee assignor of approved pdf paper player passes.

5. Managers have the option to pick up paid verified hard plastic player passes from the ISSA office in Bloomingdale at Stratford Square Mall.  CALL FIRST to verify registration is paid and complete. Location: 603 Stratford Square Mall by Upper Macy's "Door #4" inside of Stratford Square Mall at the Euro Sports Gear soccer store.

Michelle Sepede at   Email: issaregms@gmail.com

Over 30 Division  Over 40 Division  Over 48 Division

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